A few years ago, a vision driven by love and hope starts. At the heart of it? Children… our hope and future!  

In Monte, a remote village of Uganda, there are kids that are patiently trying to live with as less pain and misery as possible. An area plagued mainly by drought and malnutrition.

All these years, with a great deal of love, a group of people, the “Friends of Monde”, has been making efforts so that all these children in Monde gain access to basic amenities, education, safety, drinking water and food.

How Athenian Street Stories is involved? In collaboration with 13 amateur photographers who offered their images freely, it has created a collection of black and white postcards and bookmarks. And every time you purchase a product from our collection, Athenian Street Stories donates a part of the fee to the “Friends of Monde” community to support their valuable effort.

“Children should always smile and we hope that still there are people who are trying for that cause…”. That’s why these festive days of the year, “Friends of Monde” organize their Christmas Bazaar to support the school of Monde. And you are all invited… Because giving is actually a gift to ourselves!

In addition to our black and white collection, you will also find wonderful handmade Christmas ornaments and gifts for your loved ones.

December 13-15, 2019I Gallery METApolis I Stoa Kairi 6 I Athens

Happy to see you there!

Merry Christmas to all!

by Mary Karamali
Amateur photographer & member of Athenian Street Stories photography team.

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