There are two kinds of knowledge, empirical and through books. Usually, they complement each other and pretty often they are interconnected. But there is a kind of people whose knowledge is deeper than any bookworm: the travellers.

At the end of the journey, after the original desire and fluff of initial contact, the bridges of a visible and invisible world slowly fall into a new direction of life by different forms of perception, human different achievable. All these new images, smells, sounds, and flavors create an emotional uplift that vibrates the subconscious of the new knowledge, carving existence deeper than any bibliography, remaining deeply engraved as bittersweet memory. At the same time, it stimulates our compass to point to new destinations for a different attitude to life.

In conclusion, a wealthy person is the one who is full of life’s paths. But this wealth requires documentation; what is better than a photographic anthology of images saturated by intense, true experience? As Susan Sontag wrote in “On Photography”: “to collect photographs is to collect the world”.

by Constantinos Papagoglou
Amateur photographer & member of Athenian Street Stories photography team.

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