It’s Friday afternoon.
The calendar says February, but outside it is warm.
The sun is heating our hearts and our mood. And this Square never wants to quiet down.

Neither do you! As usual, you are always on the move!
You are running to complete the last details for tomorrow’s street party.

You are not alone. Your best friend comes along to help you.
How can you handle everything by yourself?

While waiting in line to pay, the first melodies enter the building as a good omen for tomorrow’s party.
You go outside. Youth, older people, streamers, trolleys, masqueraders…
A beautiful chaos!
And a band playing…

You raise your smartphone to capture 2-3 photos.
No such luck…too many people!
But what distracts you most, is that photographer in the middle of your frame.
He raises himself, he bends down, he bows…
He embraces his theme with so much tenderness.
He is seeking the best angle.
His impact is so great that you have forgotten why you are there.
You are simply “lost” in this moment.

“What passion!” you think.

A little after he walks off.
A few minutes later you make the decision…

“I want to do this…If he can do it, so can I!”
From that moment, you are trying to find the best angle.
In everything…your daily theme, your everyday life, to life in general.

And who knows?

Maybe, at some point, you will manage to “capture” the fingers on that trumpet from the proper angle.
And then the sweetest melodies will be heard…

by Natassa Pagani, 21 Feb 2019
Founder of Athenian Street Stories I Amateur photographer & member of Athenian Street Stories photography team.

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